Hot majors in demand right now

Colleges constantly create new majors that are in demand at any given time. Employers are looking for qualified candidates in many of these hot and emerging fields. Some of these fields of study are explored here.

Cyber security: U.S. major corporations and government entities are under constant threat from foreign governments as well as companies for intellectual properties as well as information on programs. Protecting our computers and data bases from hackers are primary goals of many programs. The Pentagon itself plans to hire more than 4,000 cyber security experts between 2014 and 2016. In addition, healthcare, energy and security services will also be looking at those who are specializing in this field.

Biomedical Engineering: The Bureau of Labor expects this field of study to see growth of more than 62 percent in the near future. Field of studies includes engineering, sciences, medicine and combination of it. With healthcare coverage for many Americans will be increased soon, demand for those who are studying in this field will stay stronger for a while.

Other fields that see a good demand for graduates includes forensic science, biometrics, video game design, data sciences, petroleum engineering, business analytics, and public health.

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