Opportunities for Healing for Troubled Teens

wildernessTeens having trouble in life socially, academically, or personally can be difficult to support. While sending these teens to rehab is an option, it is often not a helpful option as rehab is designed to support teens having troubles with drugs or alcohol. Teens facing different struggles may have a hard time making progress at a rehab center equipped to focus on problems with substance abuse. There are many positive alternatives to rehab for teens that are facing various challenges according to Wood Creek Academy.

For teens facing problems in school or learning environments, an option is school for troubled teens. Typically styled in a boarding school fashion, these safe learning spaces are created for teens who struggle with learning disabilities or other hindrances that keep them from excelling in school. With specialized education methods students receive more attention.

Bootcamp for boys is an opportunity for male teens struggling with disregard for authority, violent tendencies, or rebellion. Boot camps focus on physical activities, often taking place in an outdoors, nature-based environment. They include staff members who lead with a firm and responsible hand to teach about respect. It also introduces a positive adult role-model into the participants’ lives.

For religious parents, a spiritual-centered alternative for teens experiencing problems is Christian wilderness therapy. This type of therapy is God-centered in a natural environment with an emphasis on experiencing creation in a healing way. These programs tend to incorporate scripture reading, devotionals, and other forms of worship to connect with God and nature.

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