Things to consider before going to college

Things to consider before going to collegeDon’t get me wrong. Today, more than ever, college education is important. It can lay a foundation for a career for a life time, jump start one’s career, make you a better person, expand the horizon, prepare a child for a competitive world and much more. For several decades, college education has been the key to increased earnings and maximizing career opportunities. Degrees in sciences, math, engineering, technology, and medical can find a good paying job and to become a doctor, your child needs a medical degree. But for some reason if your child is not ready for college or wasting time, there are other opportunities for them too.

There are jobs that do not require a college degree but still pays a decent salary. Income should not be the only criteria to consider for going or not going to college. Based on your child’s talent and strengths, a college degree may or may not help to maximize them. On the other hand, college education put you, your child or both onto a financial obligation that become a burden that brings catastrophic results for the entire family. Student loans tie you or your child in a financial bind for a considerable length of time.

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