Top Unites States top colleges

Kids and parents of college bound kids pay attention ranking of colleges by various organizations. Each year college rankings comes out from July to September. 2022 college rankings are no different in that regard. Among various published rankings many follow U. S. News Best College rankings, Top 50 Colleges, and Forbes is considered among the best. They all uses sophisticated methodologies including Brand Affiliation Index (BAI) to generate a list.

Pomona College in California tops this year’s Forbes list. Small (1,610 students) liberal arts college cost $62,632 to attend classes. Williams College in Massachusetts, another smaller college comes in second. Stanford University in the Bay Area of Northern California has been on the top tier of the list for years and this year comes in third. Princeton University in New Jersey is another top tier college for many years and cost $58,965 to attend. Yale, Harvard, Swarthmore, Brown, Amherst and MIT round up the top 10 list of best colleges. One common theme is the somewhat similar cost to attend each college. United States Army, Navy and Air Force academies are also included within the list of top 30 colleges in the United States according to Forbes.

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