Choosing the Right School for Your Child

Every parent wants what is best for their child. This might be a difficult task, especially with the vast number of schools to choose from.

The best possible option would be to choose a school that is well known and established and one that has a good reputation. You would want the school to provide a good all-round education… Read the rest

The Process of Reading

As much as 33% of the population still cannot read. Quite a number of children pick up the ability to read, quite well, even while not being taught. Some children however struggle through it. For these children, a systematic process must be followed in order to ensure that they will be able to read. Here are a few things to… Read the rest

Why Should You Learn a Foreign Language?

With the world growing more and more competitive, knowing a few foreign languages has its bonuses. At some workplaces it is a must. Knowing a foreign language, whether it is for social, professional or personal reasons will have its benefits. Here are a few:

Professional reasons – most people would learn a foreign language because their employer insists on it.… Read the rest

Tips for developing language skills during summer

Have you heard the famous saying that says “For every word you write, you should read a thousand”. In an environment that promotes science and math, reading skills of children are also important. Now that kids are out of school for summer, reading skills get a back seat. It is time to implement ways to keep kids involved in reading.… Read the rest

Why your kids should consider college education?

Colleges are holding graduation ceremonies and schools are getting ready to send kids home for summer. It is hard for parents to keep their college bound kids on study mode during their summer vacation. Here are few points to stress and discuss with your kids to stay on track even during their summer vacation.

  • Nine of the ten fastest

Read the rest

What to do with your student loan if you are in default

About $67 million student loans are currently in default in the U.S. If someone hasn’t made a payment on a student loan for more than 270 days, then it is considered in default. Loans have been issued by the Department of Education (DOE) and there are 23 private debt collecting companies working for the DOE to collect on your debt.… Read the rest

Therapeutic Boarding School for Troubled Teens

Written by Wood Creek Academy

Most teenagers go through a rebellious stage. They don’t want to attend family functions because they rather spend time with their friends. They don’t want to wear the nice collared shirt you bought them, and they don’t want to go to church every single Sunday. Most of the time it just means they need… Read the rest

Saving for kids college education

More than ever, Americans are saving for their kid’s college education. Published reports show that half of families with children under the 18 years of age are saving for college. According to Sallie Mae, wealthy American’s savings average $27,446 while middle income families show an average college savings account balance of $12,241. Lower income family savings still lag far below… Read the rest

Steps taken by the Congress to help those struggling to pay-off college debt

More than 70 percent of college graduates carry estimated $29,400 student loans. Those who are getting some form of college loans are increasing steadily due to college cost and others. Many fall behind in paying off college loans soon after they graduate and many are struggling to find employment that pays a decent salary to take care of financial obligations.… Read the rest

Why do they call Ivy League?

A collegiate athletic conference that was established in 1954 consisting of eight higher education colleges and universities located in the Northeast region of the United States is known as the Ivy League. The name now unanimously indicates the colleges that form the conference as well as their academic excellence, social elitism and selectivity in admission. The eight colleges that form… Read the rest

How to Select the Right Special Effects Makeup Artist School

Do you want a career in special effects makeup? As a special effects makeup technician, you will have the opportunity to work in a variety of settings, from prosthetic appliances for film and television to special effects for theater, toy, and game design.

But before you can work as a special effects technician, it’s important to receive the proper education.… Read the rest

California bill requiring warning labels on sugary drinks advances

By Sharon Bernstein SACRAMENTO, California (Reuters) – A California bill to require sugary soft drinks to carry labels warning of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay passed its first legislative hurdle on Wednesday, the latest move by lawmakers nationwide aimed at persuading people to drink less soda pop. If enacted, the legislation would put California, which banned sodas and junk food from public... [Read more]

Islam critic: Brandeis turned honor into a shaming

BOSTON (AP) — Brandeis University has transformed an accolade into “a moment of shaming” by withdrawing a plan to give an honorary degree to a Muslim women's advocate who has made comments critical of Islam, she said Wednesday. View post: Islam critic: Brandeis turned honor into a shaming  Read More →

Republican Rubio offers bill on new education financing vehicles

By Caren Bohan and Julia Edwards WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Republican Senator Marco Rubio, a possible 2016 White House contender, unveiled legislation on Wednesday to broaden the use of financial vehicles known as “income share agreements” that students can use to fund their higher education costs. Under the agreements, which are marketed as an alternative to traditional student... [Read more]

Survey finds US families spending less on prom

Americans are spending less on one of their most beloved springtime rituals, the high school prom, according to a national survey released Wednesday. “Despite the drop this year, prom spending still remains disproportionately high and represents a major expense for American families with high school students,” said Visa, the credit card company that commissioned the survey. The rest is... [Read more]

U.S. university drops plan to honor critic of Islam

By Scott Malone and Daniel Lovering BOSTON (Reuters) – Brandeis University has decided not to award an honorary degree to a Somali-born women's rights activist who has branded Islam as violent and “a nihilistic cult of death.” The private university outside Boston said it had decided not to bestow the honor on Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former Dutch parliamentarian who has been a staunch... [Read more]