Cancer treatment with DIM

Interested in finding out the latest scoop in the field of medical technology? Have you ever heard of Diindolylmethane is? Scientists have found out that this substance contains anti-cancer properties that help prevent cancer as well as strengthen your body’s immune system. The National Cancer Institute itself has decided to investigate the rare properties of this substance, and even started conducting clinical trials regarding the effective use of DIM in treating cancer.

Simply put, DIM is made up of various chemicals that target several proteins and their functions in the human body. These proteins are associated with bodily processes connected to hormonal control, apoptosis, cytostatis, resisting angiogenesis, inflammation, androgen, viruses, bacteria and even cancer. Medical epidemiologists believe that this substance can in fact lower the possibility of having cancer by simply eating some Brassica vegetables. Nine years ago, there were scientists who did tests on females and found out that they had indeed developed up to 40 percent additional resistance to breast cancer by merely consuming one serving of Brassica vegetables every week.

The substance has also been found to be a natural Immune System Booster. It’s now actually being used to treat patients who have been diagnosed with recurring respiratory papillomatosis caus disease. So the moral of the story is that there are in fact vegetables out there, most especially the Brassica vegetables that are really good for health. If you’re terrified of getting cancer, then you should make an effort into improving your health by eating at least one serving of Brassica vegatables every week.