Choosing the Right School for Your Child

Every parent wants what is best for their child. This might be a difficult task, especially with the vast number of schools to choose from.

The best possible option would be to choose a school that is well known and established and one that has a good reputation. You would want the school to provide a good all-round education for your child.
Here is a checklist to help you make your decision:

• Choose a school with a vision.
• The school should place great emphasis on nurturing your child, providing good learning and education, and one that will help your child grow and develop, while keeping their personality in mind.
• A well balanced programme that gives education and extra-curricular activities equal importance throughout the year.
• The staff should consist of well qualified and experienced teachers who have a knack with children, and those who will encourage them to explore and learn new things.
• The school should have the necessary infrastructure in place.
• The student-teacher ratio should be decent.
• Look into how often the school shares pupils’ progress with parents. Ensure this happens fairly regularly.
• Check if the school offers any kind of guidance and counselling programmes or services for its students and even parents.
• The school must be one that encourages multi-cultural values, beliefs, etc.

Other factors that you might want to take into consideration would be the location of the school. If it means your child would have to travel a distance, then it would make sense to evaluate the transport facilities as well. Other important things include hygiene standards, drinking water, safety and security.