How to successfully participate in online classes

Conventional education has changed and online education has paved the way for many people to continue their education while balancing a career and family. Though it is very common these days participating in online classes can be daunting to the mature student who is used to a traditional classroom based education. Here are some tips on how to succeed in online classes.

Time management

Allocate a time for participating in online classes. Fix the time depending on the time you will be most relaxed and able to focus. Make sure to set schedules to complete your assignments.


Have a printout of the syllabus with you and mark dates and times for discussions and handing over assignments.
Be prepared

Read the course work prior to taking the class, as this will make it easier for you to keep pace and answer question which will be asked. Have your coursework with you so that you can highlight and make quick notes.

Establish relationships with instructors and fellow students

Often interact with your instructor and fellow students. Always ask questions when you are in doubt. Organize study sessions with other students to make your studies more interesting and to help each other.

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