Online Education now offered by Ivy League Schools

Thousands of students every year dream about getting into an Ivy League school, and put in almost an Herculean effort so that they can secure a future that virtually guarantees a successful career in the years ahead.

And while the others resort to finding colleges that accept their SAT or GPA scores (which are perhaps not so flattering) or that are financially manageable to graduate, a new trend has emerged even for those who have not even pursued a college education.

Thanks to the advanced technology of the internet, several colleges have now been offering graduate and undergraduate programs for several years but the Ivy League schools have been reluctant to do so, with the exceptions of New York University and Cornell University that have begun to offer management and professional programs just recently.

Even though Ivy League schools are considered to be the best in the country, most of them are pretty new to the world of online education, and thus are looking to online education experts to guide them through the process. These schools are also encouraging their faculty to facilitate learning through the use of technology while also looking to replicate the obvious benefits that online education offers.

And with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act going into effect shortly, the latest of the Ivy League colleges to offer a Master’s degree in the online version is Dartmouth University that wishes to equip health care executives for the radical changes in health reform that lie ahead. And online education experts suggest that this online graduate program offered by Dartmouth is just the beginning…