It is an undebatable fact that the invention of the ipad in 2010 has greatly impacted on the learning process.This article shall examine, both positively and negatively, how the ipad is making a difference in education, Teachers and tutors across the globe have reported increased engagement and,to a lesser extent, achievement.The ipad is useful to both students and teachers.It has internet ebook reading services that are very imperartive in reasearch and e learning.The ebook reader feature allows learners to switch from text to text, or even delve beyond the text itself.And because ebooks have more features than the ones printed by publishing houses, the ipad has broadened the knowledge scope of students around the globe.A notable advantage of he use of an ipad in education is that it is easy to operate and any student who has used a phone needs little or no assistance in using an ipad.

Despite all the benefits that the ipad has brought to revolutionise education sectors globally, it is important to note that like anything else, it has its flip side.To begin with, the ipad is a new gadget and things that are new present some changes and challenges before the users fully get habituated to using them.Again,this gadget is expensive and many students don’t have the financial ability to buy it.Moreover, reasearch has also shown that the use of ipads in learning can be a source of uproarious fun that amounts to a distruction of the learning process.Another challenge of the use of ipad for reading books is that when the font size is changed, the page numbering changes and this may make referencing hard for learners who are new to the device.Finally, an ipad was meant to be an individual gadget and having them as class sets as well as maintaining them is a hectic undertaking.

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