Are you wait-listed for college admission?

If you are wait-listed for college admission, odds are stacked up against your admission to that college. A recent column on reveals that Stanford University wait-listed 789 prospects for last year, 594 responded accepting the wait-list but none admitted to the college. So, is it worth waiting? What to do to improve your chances if you are wait-listed?

For many it is not worth waiting. If you are accepted to another college, accept it and move on. But, if your heart is with the college you have wait-listed, try some of these to convince them. Still it may be advisable to send in your deposit to a college that you have been accepted.

  • First, inform the school that you are still interested and request them to keep you on the wait-list.
  • Better yet, let them know that you will attend the school if they get you off the wait-list and admit you to the program.
  • Take a good look at wait-list letter or email. If there are no directions, write a letter to them explaining why they should admit you. If they have directions only to contact them through email, send them an email explaining why they should admit you for the program you applied for.

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