Why your kids should consider college education?

College-EducationColleges are holding graduation ceremonies and schools are getting ready to send kids home for summer. It is hard for parents to keep their college bound kids on study mode during their summer vacation. Here are few points to stress and discuss with your kids to stay on track even during their summer vacation.

  • Nine of the ten fastest growing fields of employment will require more than a high school diploma.
  • The U.S. Census Bureau states that adults with a college degree earn two to four times more than an adult with only a high school diploma. Labor markets are getting more competitive and good paying jobs require higher educational qualifications. Higher the degree, higher the earning power.
  • College experience leads to lifelong friendships. They also lead to career paths. Soon to be billionaires of the founders of the Facebook met in college. Same goes for Yahoo and many other tech companies that paved the way for stardom.
  • College also gives an opportunity for young adults to meet and mingle with others with different cultural and social backgrounds. These opportunities enrich life learning experiences for the young.
  • College education builds confidence and leg up when interviewing for employment.

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