“Bully”, a documentary by Lee Hirceh, is due to be released in March/April 2012 for wider audience. The movie comes out at a time when the subject of bullying in the forefront. Many of us endured bullying as a fact of school life but the movie put a spin to it as a social issue that need to be addressed.

When bullied by others, the oppressed feel alone with terrible consequences. Most of the time it is the new kid in the class, strange looking or behaving, gay or any other number of out of the ordinary are the ones that get bullied by others. Bullying include teasing, humiliation or even assaulting a kid by other kids. School bus, lunch room or the school bathroom are most common places where the bullying take place.

Kids are not the only victim of bullying. Often time parents and other loved ones suffer from continued bullying.

If your child is a victim of bullying or know someone who got harassed recently, give your child a chance to open up about bullying in school. Come up with a plan to address the issue without resolving to any violence. If that strategy didn’t work you may need to seek help from the school.

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