Choosing a major in college

There are many reasons why you choose a certain major in your college application. Some like certain major because they are fascinated about the subject. Some choose because it may prepare them for a career in that field. Some choose a major as a way to get in the door and expect to change the major once they get in. Here are some ideas to consider when you are choosing a major.

Remember that if you choosing a major for your bachelor’s degree, approximately half of the graduation requirement include general education classes. So, whatever your fascination is you need to complete these classes in order to graduate.

College is a different experience than your high school. Your options are much more open than high school. Even though you may have hated certain subjects, at college it may open a new door for you. So, give it a chance.

You may have received input from your parents, colleagues, and your high school advisors when you applied for a certain major. Now you are in a different environment. Check with a college counselor to ascertain what you have selected is the right path for you. Colleges offer more focused majors than you know.

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