Choosing to be an Elementary School Teacher

Becoming an elementary school teacher has become an appealing option for many. The hours are good and the money isn’t bad either. But it is not an occupation for everyone.

The first factor in deciding whether you should take up a career as an elementary school teacher is – do you like children? This is a very important factor and you have to be honest with yourself when you give the answer. Dealing with young children is not an easy task by any means and handling a whole classroom full could drive you crazy. You need to have lots of patience and the diplomacy to handle parents and their moods as well. Some days you will on top of the world and feel like you are making a real difference; other days, it will take you every ounce of will you have to just get through to the end of the day. If you feel you are not up to the task, look at middle school or a little higher.

The next factor you should consider and take to heart is that fact that you will be one of the most influential people in these kids’ lives. You will provide a lot of the initial molding of their minds, which will eventually influence their lives later on. This responsibility must not be taken lightly. You must understand that you are there to impart knowledge and to help guide young minds on their path. Once again, do not take up this job if you are looking at it simply as a means of making money.