Dynamic Display Ads: Making Them Effective – By Ted Dhanik

Most online businesses have become familiar with the standard types of display advertising. Banners, videos, and the like have become the regular when utilizing online marketing. So where can a business find an extra edge in marketing and what can they do to make their advertisements do their intended job well?

There are three precise aspects that can be used with online ads that can make them more effective. The first element is to use a single image only. The idea here is to allow the intended customers to focus upon the single image as a precise idea. By using more, an advertisement can become over complicated where it doesn’t need to be. An excited face, a clear summer day, or children playing: images such as these produce an intended feeling or idea. By adding more images, the design of the ad has the disadvantage of diluting the original intention.

The other two elements a company needs to be concerned with are both the headline and the copy. As with the image, the adage “less is better” continues to apply.  The fewer words the better, and this will help to give the ad a clear and precise statement. It’s not to say that the intended customers aren’t willing to read and look at something more complicated. However, it’s been proven that they will if an ad grabs their interest. A hyper link within the ad will do more if they wish to investigate further.

The point is that an individual who performs their transactions online uses this medium because it’s essentially faster and more convenient. Your ad must bear this in mind if it is to work properly.

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