Enjoy Yourself as You Go About the Business of Finishing School

The school year is about to start, but you can still find scholarships for a single mom like you. As you go about finding them, take perseverance by the hand and hold on tight; she will make the very best companion on this journey.

As you make your way along the road that leads to school completion, don’t forget to take time to enjoy yourself. It’s not a reason to lose sight of finding scholarships for single parents, of course, but regular episodes of fun will keep you motivated. For instance, if you’re into school supplies, there’s some festivity to be had in finding the best book bag — the one that will easily carry all of your books (and water bottle), and still look chic when paired with just about any one of your outfits.

Sometimes everything related to school seems to be an endless chore, but it’s not really like that. Talk with other adults going back to school, like you, to exchange experiences and ideas for dealing with the tough times.

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