Financial aid for college education

Many financial aid programs are available for college education as well as career path training.  Here are few ideas for you to consider.

Grants:  This is money you don’t have to pay back.  This may be based on your financial needs.  State governments have certain deadlines and requirements for grants and you need to become familiar with those and comply.  You need to apply every year starting from the senior year in high school to senior year in college.

Scholarships:  Free money mainly for college education.  Scholarships may be based on the field of study, area you live in, your high school grades, community service or your talent.

Work-study or student employment programs:  You may work on or off-campus.

Loans:  Borrowed money and therefore, you have to pay it back with interest.  Federal loans offer low interest rates while private loans from banks and other financial institutions may charge a higher interest rate.

Other ways to reduce education cost:  Consider low cost community college to complete general education requirements for your degree before attending a college.  Take Advanced Placement (AP) classes during your high school that can get college credit and complete the program sooner.  By becoming an AmeriCorps volunteer you can earn education award for college.

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