Firefighters and EMT: Getting Started

There are very few careers available where one can have a direct impact in saving lives. Both Firefighters and EMTs fit that very definition. With a combination of numerous skills, plus a healthy dose of courage, they have the remarkable ability to preserve life on a daily basis. However, to find yourself employed in either of these careers, an individual must meet many specialized requirements. With that in mind, the process of becoming an EMT can be a rather arduous task. If one were to ask how to become a firefighter, an increased level of work and study apply.

A degree of education will be the first basic requirement. But this doesn’t end at just the high school or college level. EMT and firefighter schools, or in some cases a live in academy, will need to be completed. And this is just one of the many tasks that must be seen to its fruition before the new career can begin.

The time and requirements to qualify as an EMT are easier to complete than those who become a firefighter. Here are a few facts to be aware of before beginning your training as an EMT. First off, you must be able to pass a criminal background check. While you may be able to receive training with a spotty past, most employers will not hire you unless your background is clear. You will also need to be in top physical shape. The job of an EMT will require you to possess good physical coordination and the ability to lift or carry heavy loads. Emotional stability is another requirement. If you are unable to achieve or possess any of these aspects, then the job of an EMT might not be for you.

Becoming a firefighter will require all of the same qualities that is needed to become an EMT. However, additional schooling and training will apply. It has been estimated that meeting the qualifications and training to become an adept firefighter can sometimes take up to seven years. This may included time spent working as an EMT or Paramedic and possible enrollment in a volunteer fire department. Basically, to achieve employment within this field, one must possess all of the skills and abilities of an EMT, while pursuing more.

As previously mentioned, the steps to achieve and excel in either of these careers can be an arduous task. But for those that hear the calling, those that wish to make a difference, and those who seek to preserve life, this could be the journey of a lifetime.
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