Genes Responsible for Negative Outlook on Life

By Samuel Phineas Upham

Why do some people see the world darker than others? Science Daily reports that it might have to do with their genes. According to a new study published in Psychological Science, a gene variant might be responsible for making certain people experience emotional situations more vividly than others.

According to the article, the gene responsible for why some people focus on the negative is the ADRA2b deletion variant. The study included 200 participants who were shown negative, neutral, and positive words. The participants who had the gene were more likely to focus on the negative words than the other participants, although both sets of people equally experienced positive words better than neutral words.

The researchers told the paper that “the findings shed new light on ways in which genetics — combined with other factors such as education, culture, and moods — can affect individual differences in emotional perception and human subjectivity.”

According to the article, about half of Caucasians are believed to have the gene, while only 10 percent of Rwandans have the gene.

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