Hand writing makes kids smarter

Today kids are texting more on their smartphones than they do hand writing. Studies show this affects development of their brain. Many thinks that actual writing is obsolete and more and more are doing their work on key pads. But for development of cognitive functions of children, hand writing is a must.

According to research conducted by the University of Wisconsin, writing helps to get more ideas out and write much faster. It also found that different finger movement write different letters helped kids to activate certain parts of the brain through thoughts, short term memory and language. Another study conducted by the Indiana University finds that children who wrote by hand demonstrated adult like neural activity than those just looked at letters. Another study reveals that those children who wrote essays by hand show much higher penmanship than the control group. Computers are creating much more problems with difficult characters used in Japan and China. Many scholars achieved success due to hand writing which allowed free flow of ideas without rushing as with a key board and it help to get their thoughts flowing freely. Why not encourage your kids to do more writing by hand than to type everything on a key board?

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