Helping teenagers with their homework

Help-Your-Teen-Do-Her-HomeworkWritten by Wood Creek Academy

Homework has several benefits for your teenagers. Apart from helping your children to learn about a particular topic, they also help them to gain organizational and time management skills. There are several ways in which you might help them.

Finding the right time

Generally, for most teenagers the best time to do their homework would be right after school hours. Parents might want to be around them during that time to supervise and provide help if needed. As a parent, you could split their homework time in 15 minutes sessions so that they get a small break and have time to stretch.

Create the right environment

An environment conducive to concentration would be one where there is enough life, air and adequate space to spread out stationeries. Distractions such as TV and other siblings playing around should be minimized.

Help them in getting organized

You can provide a helping hand by showing your teenagers how to break down bigger assignments into smaller and more manageable parts so that they do not feel overwhelmed by the workload. You could them plan a project timeline to help them set targets to achieve these small parts.

Help your child develop a positive approach

By developing a positive approach teenagers would be more likely to accept homeworks as part of their growth rather than as something imposed on them. In some cases, parents might consider behavior modification schools to help them achieve this. These schools provide programs for troubled youth that might help them achieve academic success.

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