How to Be a Successful Makeup Artist

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Makeup artistry can be an incredibly exciting and lucrative career path.  The first step in becoming a makeup artist is to attend an accredited school for makeup artistry and learn various application techniques and skills.  In addition to learning the necessary techniques, it’s essential to follow certain guidelines in behavior in order to reach success as a makeup artist.

Below are the major dos of makeup artistry:

Do maintain a professional appearance: One of the biggest mistakes that aspiring makeup artists make is that they don’t realize the importance of their reputation. Make up professionals are walking business cards.  As a makeup artist, you should always “wear your work.”  In other words, every time that a makeup artist works on a client or engages in networking, they should look their absolute best.  To establish a professional appearance, long hair should be pulled back and makeup should be well applied.  It’s also important to have clean and manicured nails.

Do maintain a positive attitude: It might seem obvious that it’s essential to have a pleasant and positive attitude in order to be successful in any business.  Unfortunately, it’s often one of the most overlooked details.  Every school of makeup should include lessons in appropriate and respectful behavior because that’s the true key to success.  People will want to hire you if you are friendly, positive, and optimistic and they won’t if you’re always in a bad mood.

Do utilize proper business etiquette: Always arrive early with all of your tools and set up your station prior to clients arriving.  As makeup artist, it’s always important to be mindful of the way you speak to clients and turn off your cell phone.  It’s not appropriate to text or check your social media accounts while applying makeup.

Do stay organized and manage time wisely: Organization and time management skills are two of the most important qualities of a successful makeup artist.  Organization includes keeping your appointment book orderly as well as regularly cleaning all of your tools and supplies.  It’s also essential to replace supplies frequently.  As the expression goes, “Time is money.”  Excellent time management is essential for makeup artists because typically you’re only allotted a limited time to complete your job.  A skilled makeup artist is able to manage time wisely and multi-task. 

If you follow these simple guidelines, you will be more likely to achieve success in whichever sector of makeup artistry that you choose.  Word of mouth referrals are one of the best ways to book new jobs as a makeup artist.  Conduct your work with a professional and positive attitude and you will surely book client after client!


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