How to Effectively Become a Better Test-Taker As a Law Student

As a student of law, you’ll be faced with a wide array of assignments and exams that you’ll have to deal with – just like any other trade. However, learning vast amounts of material that’s essentially regurgitated on an exam is crucially important for most of the classes you’ll be taking.

Sure, you might never see those questions ever again in your life, but while you’re enrolled, you better be prepared. To make matters worse, law school is even worse due to the fact that you’ll be required to memorize tons of information that you’ll probably never see again. Simply put, one of the keys to successfully getting through law school is to memorize everything you can.

Barry K. Rothman, a seasoned entertainment lawyer, believes that performing a variety of memorization techniques like mnemonics can prove useful come exam time.

A Simple, Yet Useful, Memorization Technique

One exercise that you can try is jotting down a group of numbers all next to each other. Cover each number and say it aloud. Then, slowly shift the paper to the next number and say both numbers aloud. Continue to move along the page while repeating each number as it becomes uncovered and you’ll find that your brain will essentially train itself to allow you to read back the numbers as a whole without even thinking twice. It’s important not to get ahead of yourself by jumping to two to three numbers at a time. Work with one number as you go, and you’ll see how effective this method can be.

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