How to Select the Right Special Effects Makeup Artist School

Do you want a career in special effects makeup? As a special effects makeup technician, you will have the opportunity to work in a variety of settings, from prosthetic appliances for film and television to special effects for theater, toy, and game design.

But before you can work as a special effects technician, it’s important to receive the proper education. Here’s how to select the right special effects makeup artist school.

Attend a school of makeup artistry. Although you might be eager to take a few seminars on special effects makeup, it’s smarter to attend a school of makeup artistry. Attending a college dedicated to makeup will ensure that you receive a well-rounded education in your field. Even a special effects makeup technician must learn the basics.

Get your hands dirty. A classroom setting course on special effects makeup won’t provide you with the skills you need for the real world. Make sure that the FX makeup school you select offers a hands-on course on the design and creation of realistic prosthetic and dental appliances.

Learn the entire process. The right special effects program includes makeup courses on the entire process of the formulation and manufacturing of prosthetic appliances. In addition to learning the basics, it’s also important to have the opportunity to learn advanced techniques. The right makeup artistry school should offer the chance for students to work on an advanced multi-piece creature design using the many techniques that you learned in the course.


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