Lesson plans online

The New York based education publishing pioneer, Scholastic, bought another pioneer in online lesson planning, Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT), for $500,000 several years ago.  The TPT was founded in 2006 and sold to Scholastic nine months after launching the online lesson planning site.  However, the online lesson planning gotten so big so fast, the TPT bought it back from Scholastic in 2009.  Today, the TPT has more than 1.3 million registered buyers and sellers, and gross sales exceed $35 million a year.  They add more than 35,000 customers a week.  Teachers can sell lesson plans on the site for an annual fee of $59 and the TPT get 15 percent from members and 40 percent from non-members.  Some teachers earn more than $600,000 for a year by posting lesson plans on the online site.  The TPT for the moment concentrate on kindergarten lesson plans but anyone can buy lesson plans on language, art, math, science experiments and list of resource books.  A teacher can buy a two week lesson plan for about $8.  About 93 percent of sales on the TPT site are generated in the U.S. while Canada generates about five percent sales.

There are many other Web sites that sell lesson plans online.

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