New York University Sets Up Campus in Shanghai

While the world of online education is actually making waves with students everywhere, it seems as if campus education has taken a backseat.  However, there are developments that are taking place in campus education that suggests expansion as well.

One such example is the New York University (NYU), which has its base in Greenwich Village’s Washington Square, and has now extended its degree-granting education to the East as well. In September last year, NYU opened a degree granting campus in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates while also sponsoring several other smaller programs in other countries.

NYU’s latest initiative is to set up another one of its campuses in Shanghai, China, a country that is now recognized as having the second-largest economy in the world and sends more of its students to the United States for education than any other country in the world.

With several other American universities also following the similar pattern, experts says that while these universities are located in the United States, they are actually operating much like global universities in exploring opportunities in countries where education is not well-structured.

The start date for N.Y.U Shanghai to accept admissions is on September 2013.  Classes will be taught at a campus that is being built in the Pudong district in Shanghai. And while there are several more details that have to be finalized such as curriculum among other things, NYU officials are confident that they will be able to impart education that is very similar to the ideals and requirements of NYU in New York City.

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