Nobel Prize winners and football winnings equalizing at MIT

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The Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyThe Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is making news these days for a quite different reason. The largest accumulation of Nobel Prize winners in its faculty, MIT’s Division III football team is winning all football games it played so far this season. During the last 70 years, MIT affiliates won 80 Nobel Prizes. What a coincidence? During the same period it won 80 football games and this season its football team is unbeaten and won all its eight games claiming the Division III title.

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the MIT is well known for coming up with scientific advances that changed the world over the years. Between 1944 and 2013, MIT students, faculty and alumni won 80 Nobel Prizes. Some of these winners include famous names such as Kofi Annan who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001. The MIT Physics Department’s current faculty includes four Nobel Prize winners. The Economics Department started its PhD in economics program in 1941 and the department ranks within the “Big Five” schools in economics in the United States. 27 graduate, researchers, attendees, and academic staff members of the MIT Economics Department won the coveted Nobel Prize in Economics in the past.

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