Non-profits and others to help struggling college students

According to published reports more than 30 percent of low-income students registered in more than 1,200 strong nation’s community colleges drop out without completing their Associate Degree. The main reason is financial difficulties. Other reasons are family issues, health issues and many others. But there are many programs available to help low-income students. In New York, Florida and several other states, a non-profit called Single Stop provide assistance to find funds for college, give financial training, provide legal advice and host of other services to community college students. One of the main ideas of Single Stop is to identify those who are in need before they drop out of college and find ways to help them.

Pell Grant is another tool that college students can use to stay in college. The Federal Pell Grants are available to those who are in financial need, have not completed a bachelor’s degree and are not registered in a post-baccalaureate program. The Pell Grant is not a loan program and financial assistance received under the Pell Grant does not have to be repaid. According to published reports more than 5.4 million full and part-time students in college as well as vocational school have been helped by the Pell Grant.

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