Off you go to college check list

Its middle of summer and your entire family is excited about getting your child to college. But there are plenty of things you need to do to get your child ready for college. Don’t worry; you still have time to do some of the critical training your child needs in order to survive and experience college life.

  • Your child should learn to create a budget for monthly expenses and learn how to stick to it. Items may include food, laundry, Internet access, and subscriptions to many clubs.
  • He or she should also know how to take care of bills. If your child is going to live in an apartment just outside college, there are bills such as electricity, cable, gas, telephone and others.
  • Train your child to do laundry.
  • If child is taking his or her car, they need to learn at least to change a tire, when to take the car for service, where to get cheaper gas and when to fill the tank, and many other critical maintenance issues related to the car.
  • If your child doesn’t have a credit history, there’s still time to get a card and learn how to manage charges to the card. They should also understand the value of money.

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