President Obama’s new community college plan

9-obama-college.w245.h368.2xMany opt to go to community college because it is cheap at least for the first two years of college compared to all four years at a four year college. President Obama wants to make it even cheaper, actually free, for all who attend community college, at least the tuition part. Details of the program came in pieces. He touched the subject at the State of the Union address and followed up with a speech at a community college. He is suggesting making community college free for those who are maintaining a 2.5 or above grade point average (GPA) and progressing towards a degree or an occupational training program. This will cost the government more than $60 billion a year. Details from the program are somewhat sketchy at this time and more should become available in the near future.

Popular belief is that majority attends community colleges because of lower tuition fees. Those who are lucky enough to qualify for Federal financial aid such as Pell Grants, it could be even free. But they still have to pay for books, rent, food, and transportation. That is a burden for many. Then there is that transferability issue of community college units to a four year college. So the debate should move beyond free tuition for community colleges.

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