The creation and the extensive use of the internet has seen the traditional learning institutions being replaced by online education. The virtual classroom is gaining more popularity with both teachers and students alike and enabled many people unable to attend college to do so right from home. What are the pros and cons of opting for an online college?


Convenience and flexibility offered is one of the main advantages, allowing a student to study at his own time and space.

You have a broader selection of degree programs and colleges to choose from to widen your educational scope.

One can save a lot of time and money because there is no need to commute and since you do it from home there is no need to pay for college lodging.


You need to be very disciplined and focused to manage your studies and daily life.

You will have no personal interaction with other students and teachers and will not have the academic support such as study groups and discussions with professors and lecturers which are available in a college.

Interruptions to your internet service will have adverse effects on your work.

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