Science for Kids

Imparting wisdom on young children needs to be done creatively. The very minute you put a traditional lesson from a text book in front of a child, they will hate it. This is guaranteed. With teaching a subject like science, you need to do it in such a way that keeps the children interested and gets them involved as well. Here are a few fun science activities for kids that will make learning ‘fun’!

Mould on bread
Get a cotton swab and collect some dust and dirt from around the house. Rub the dirt on a slice of bread, add some drops of water on that area of the bread and put it in a bag.

What they learn:
– How fungus grows and under what conditions
– If mould grows on stale or fresh bread
– How do you prevent mould growing?

Seeds and germination
Sow a few seeds of coriander or fenugreek in a pot filled with mud and water. Once the seeds are planted, make sure you water them every day. Within a couple of days, tiny shoots will spring out of the mud.

What they learn:
– Germination of seeds
– Parts of a plant

Use the seed germination project or start on an entirely new plant. Place the plant in direct sunlight, and once it has grown fairly tall, then, put it in a dark area. Over a period of a few days, the plant will stop growing entirely and die.

What they learn:
– Plants need light in order to produce food and grow
– photosynthesis

These are just a handful of fun science activities for children. These can be easily carried out at home, using items from your kitchen. Learning through activities such as these will help your children obtain a new and enhanced perspective towards science and other subjects.