Signs that your child is bullied at school

We often hear of children being bullied at school and the long term psychological effects it has on the child. We never expect that to happen to our own precious child, but the truth is that it could very well be your child. Don’t wait till it is too late; look out for the signs that he/she is a victim.

Failing school work and lack of interest in school

If the child refuses to go to school, is reluctant to talk about school, refuses to walk home alone and shows a decline in academic work, it could be due to bullying.

Behavioral changes

Is your child withdrawn and quieter, acting irrationally, gets scared at the slightest thing? They will not be ready to reveal anything, be patient and talk to them and try to find out what is causing the changes.

Change in sleep patterns
Is the child sleeping more or less than usual and having nightmares? This could be caused by the stress and anxiety the child is going through.

Physical injuries

Any bodily injury sustained at school such as bruises and cuts should be looked into
Loss of or increase in appetite could be a result of the stress the child is under.

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