Stem Cells and the Questions They Raise

Due to the latest research on the stem cell therapy, we could be on the verge of eliminating the controversial debate on the issue.  Stem cell therapy is a contentious issue because it’s incredibly divisive.  Many feel that utilizing stem cells to heal others is a moral issue which essentially makes it a moral dilemma.

There are a few different kinds of stem cells being used in stem cell therapy today.  Most people and religions agree that it’s okay to use induced pluriopotent stem cells (iPS) cells which are derived from adult cells.  Many don’t realize that stem cells are actually a natural part of the human body.

The controversy mostly lies in the use of human embryonic stem cells (hES) which are derived from embryos.  Many consider their use wrong because people view the issue through a religious and political viewpoint.  While it’s thought to be wrong by many, hES stem cell therapy has brought healing to many all over the worlds.  HES therapy has already created optimism in the fight against disease for millions of people.

Here are some of the difficult ethical questions brought up by the use of embryonic stem cells:

  • When does human life begin?
  • Is a human embryo as valuable as a child?
  • Do human embryos have the same kinds of rights as people?

The difficulty in answering these questions is that the answers are very personal for each person.  Therefore, people rarely agree on whether it’s morally right or wrong.

Fortunately, the latest research on stem cell therapy may help to do away with this debate.   The reason for this is that scientists have recently found ways to stimulate a patient’s cells so that they perform the same way that embryonic stem cells do.  This discovery may allow us to put an end to the use of embryonic stem cells.

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Author bio: Guest post is submitted by Sasha Bakhru, a leading scientist in the field of biomedicine today.  Bakhru is also the VP, CTO and Co-founder of Perosphere Inc., a specialty pharmaceuticals company.  Check out his website for more information.

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