The Cheapest Textbooks Are Online

As if the rising cost of school tuition and moving out on your own for the first time wasn’t enough, students these days must also deal with the mind-boggling price of their college textbooks. Of course, buying an expensive book now and then wouldn’t be so hard on barely sturdy wallets and backpack zipper pockets, but when you have to buy around seven or eight of them for each of your multiple classes, well, the total cost balloons rather quickly. Students gazing dreamily into space as they wait in line to fork over their money to the campus textbook store are unlikely to be pondering the deeper implications of the Pythagorean theorem; more likely they’re thinking, Will I have enough left over for my planned pizza dinner tonight?

If you’re a student and don’t want to have to decide between being able to do your homework and eating some hand-tossed, cheesy dough with sauce, then go online for your textbooks. Look in comparison sites like to find cheap textbooks. These types of sites let you search for books by title, ISBN, and even by your school’s name. The National Association of College Bookstores has been giving notice not only of the rising cost of textbooks, but also of the increased frequency with which new book editions are released. Don’t be beholden to publishers; go online to find fair deals on books.

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