The importance of parental involvement in children’s education

The foundation for your child’s education is laid long before he starts School. It is the parents who instill in him the love of reading and learning and most importantly moral values. No matter how good a school you send your child to, his education will only be complete at home. So how can you be involved?

Talk to the teachers regularly. Find out the progress of the child and which areas he needs help and what you can do at home to improve his education.

Read to your child. Encourage the habit by making available plenty of books for him and by setting the example yourself.

Create a schedule. Allocate a time for studying, bed time, household chores, outdoor activity and limited TV time. This will help create a balance in his life. Make sure it is adhered to.

Tell of the importance of school. Being actively involved in his school work will give him the sense of how important education is and he will be encouraged by your help and input.

Studies have shown that children with involved parents get better grades, have high self esteem, are better behaved and have a higher success rate in life.

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