The Rigors of Fire Training

Firefighters are modern day heroes as they risk their lives on a daily basis. More than this, it remains to be a very competitive profession, to which a lot have trained to become. A lot want to enter this field, but the opportunities are very limited; most departments only hire ever two years, and may employ less than thirty applicants at a time. It then goes without saying that training to be firefighter is no easy business.

Just to apply for fire training entails a high degree of fitness both physical and mental, as individuals need to pass a Physical Ability Test (CPAT), complementing this would be an aptitude test, which gauges one’s logic, reasoning and intelligence. Usual programsentail being subjected to a multitude of different training styles. Commonly, candidates are usually subjected to live fire drills, where they are put inside burn buildings – a sort of real-life preview into the profession – and taught under extreme stress and pressure. This challenges and reinforces a candidate’s physical endurance to the heat, as well as mental, as most would have to make decisions under stress.

A firefighter school provides for training like these, and each have their own way of training their students. Some are a bit more traditional, closer to the one described above. Though other alternatives have proven to be more popular, an example of this is online schools– which are more convenient for some.

In reality, all firefighter schools provide the same skill set. It’s ultimately up to you what you do with that.

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