Therapeutic Boarding School for Troubled Teens

Written by Wood Creek Academy

Most teenagers go through a rebellious stage. They don’t want to attend family functions because they rather spend time with their friends. They don’t want to wear the nice collared shirt you bought them, and they don’t want to go to church every single Sunday. Most of the time it just means they need a little space. They are growing up from children into adults. Just because your teenager is testing boundaries and becoming his own person doesn’t mean he needs to attend juvenile boot camp.

But sometimes a teen goes down the wrong path. Indeed there are times when a therapeutic boarding school is the only answer to a teen’s behavior. How do you know the difference between normal and abnormal behavior? Here are a few behavioral issues that shouldn’t go untreated and might improve with the help of the right therapeutic boarding school.

Substance Abuse

If your teenage son is abusing drugs or alcohol, it’s important to step in and provide them with help. Substance abuse means that they are repeatedly and/or excessively using either drugs or alcohol. A big problem with teens these days is the abuse of prescription pills.

Regardless of the substance, a teen who is abusing drugs or alcohol usually exhibits disrespect for family rules, is verbally or physically abusive, has a sudden increase or decrease in appetite, fails to come home on time, lies about activities, and demonstrates poor school habits, such as truancy and not doing homework. However, the right therapeutic boarding school can help them recover from their addiction and get back on the right track.

Lack of Motivation

Sometimes teens needs a little encouragement in the right direction, especially if they are displaying a lack of motivation. Your teen might not be motivated to help around the house, do their homework, or participate in family activities. However, lack of motivation as a teen can grow into a larger problem during adulthood.

Teens need to learn how to be motivated to do things they might not enjoy doing. IF you’re having trouble motivating your teen, the right therapeutic boarding school can help. For example, Wood Creek Academy teaches teens how to cook, shop, clean their rooms, and use tools. They will be surrounded by other teens their age who are also learning these essential life skills.

Other Issues

In addition to substance abuse and lack of motivation, other behavioral issues that shouldn’t be ignored include poor academics, defiance, low self-esteem, and manipulative behavior. The right program can significantly improve your son’s behavior and bring happiness back for the entire family.
Wood Creek Academy is a wilderness therapeutic boarding school that offers programs for troubled youth.

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