Three Scholarships For Adults Returning to College

Most adults who wish to return to college often do so in order to land a promotion with additional qualifications or switch to a new career that might help them with the work-life balance that is so hard to find these days.

Yet there’s one thing that might stand as an obstacle: high tuition fees. Even if you do earn well at your current job, tuition costs can often deter adults going back to school.

One of the best solutions to deal with this daunting obstacle is to look for popular scholarships for adults returning to college. Here are three scholarships that are currently available:

#1: Journalism Education Scholarship

This type of scholarship is for educators who are currently teaching journalism to secondary school students, and must use the scholarship in order pursue further studies in scholastic journalism. A 250-word essay and two recommendations that are aware of the applicant’s performance so far will be evaluated in order to obtain this $1,000 scholarship.

#2: Brain Track Scholarships

Students who wish to teach elementary or secondary students can avail themselves of this scholarship that is offered twice a year. In evaluating their candidature for the scholarship, applicants are asked to submit an essay. These scholarships are also open to students who want to pursue careers in nursing, computer science, and business or management.

#3: Single Parents Scholarships

Single mothers scholarships are considered to be one of best ways by which single mothers can go back to school to get a basic or advanced degree. With demands on their time, finances, and responsibilities that they have to handle, this is the group who might need the most help, and there are several of them available that you can find being offered by universities and local associations.

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