Time management tips for college students

When you go to college you will find yourself overwhelmed by the workload, especially if you have moved out of home and living by yourself for the first time. The key to being successful at college is how well you manage your time. The following will help you get organized.

Create a schedule

Have a large chart on the wall and set out the activities for the week. Set out lecture times, when assignments are due and all other activities in your day. Allocate a time for each activity and adhere to it. This way you will get your things done without wasting time.


Prioritize the tasks you need to do. Color code them according to the level of urgency assigned to them and schedule the important tasks to ensure it will be done on time.

Do not procrastinate

Proper time management leaves no space for this. Don’t wait to start the assignment the day before it is due. You will be stressed and end up handing over a substandard paper. Aim to have it finished as soon as possible and use every available opportunity to work on it.

Multi task

This will give you loads of extra time. Try studying while taking a bus ride.

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