Tips for developing language skills during summer

developing language skillsHave you heard the famous saying that says “For every word you write, you should read a thousand”. In an environment that promotes science and math, reading skills of children are also important. Now that kids are out of school for summer, reading skills get a back seat. It is time to implement ways to keep kids involved in reading.

Summer reading lists are ample on the worldwide web. Visit or These sites not only carry recommendations but also have many links to web sites that cater to every need of a child. Parents can also find help for struggling readers as well as avid readers.

If your child is in high school, keep in mind that a minimum of two years of a foreign language is required in order to graduate from high school. Our changing demographic could reward a child that is proficient in another language such as Spanish. So, help your child with another language skill. Plenty of activities such as foreign language movies, television programs and DVDs are also at your disposal. Twitter and Facebook have features that translate into other languages that can be fun as well as educational.

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